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CFAA Memberships

Great options for both companies and individuals

Become a CFAA Corporate Member to get great benefits, vote at our Annual General Meeting, and show your support for the fire and life safety industry.

This level of membership is for any corporation, company, partnership or proprietorship engaging in the manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance, or engineering, of fire alarm systems, or component parts, that subscribes to the objectives and purposes of the association.

Corporate Membership Benefits
  • Post job opportunities for free on the CFAA website
  • Access exclusive member benefits and discounts
  • Access CFAA’s archive of fire safety industry articles, presentations & online journal
  • Access our news subscription service and all fire and life safety communications and information provided by the CFAA
  • Access network opportunities with industry peers
  • Discounts at CFAA events, seminars and symposiums
  • Attend local chapter meetings
  • Participate in chapter events
Show off your CFAA Membership
  • Receive an official CFAA Membership certificate for framing
  • A complimentary CFAA embroidered crest
  • Use of the CFAA member badge on your company vehicles, letterhead, websites & promotional items

Pick a corporate membership type

National Membership

You maintain business operation centres in more than one province
$ 1,800
annual fee
  • You have a maximum of 4 voting members

Provincial Membership

You maintain more than one business operation centre within one province
$ 800
annual fee
  • You have a maximum of 2 voting members

Participating Membership

You maintain a single business operation centre in a single province
$ 400
annual fee
  • You have 1 voting member


National, Provincial and Participating Membership Applications must include:

  1. Your Business Registration Number
  2. Evidence of Liability Insurance; minimum $2 million
  3. Brief description of your companies activities
  4. Primary contact person and contact information