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Complaints & Discipline Policies

Complaints Policy

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Discipline Policy

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Discipline Committee Decisions

The CFAA has received a formal written complaint from an AHJ related to various court convictions of a member company and a registered technician employed by the same company. In accordance with CFAA’s Discipline Policy, a Discipline Committee was formed to review the complaint and resulted in the disciplinary actions noted below. The opportunity to appeal the decision was provided (as per policy) and declined. It should also be noted that our policy requires anonymity of the parties involved in the complaint unless membership and/or registration is full revoked or suspended, which was not the case in this decision. 1. The CFAA Registered Technician shall be subjected to a Restricted Technician Registration for a minimum period of two (2) years, commencing June 21, 2022. While the Restricted Technician Registration is in place, the individual is not permitted to sign Fire Alarm inspection reports as per CAN/ULCS536 or Fire Alarm Verification reports as per CAN/ULCS537 as the primary inspector and must work under supervision of a CFAA technician in good standing. 2. The individual shall successfully complete CFAA Course 1 “Fire Alarm Systems Overview”, and CFAA Course 5 “Fire Alarm System Application”, at his own expense by June 21, 2024, and submit proof to the satisfaction of the CFAA that he has done so. At the conclusion of the two‐year period, if the individual has successfully completed the courses, then he may apply to return to Registered Technician status. However, if he fails to successfully complete the courses as required, the Restricted Technician Registration shall continue until such time as he has done so. 3. The Discipline Committee orders that the member company shall be subjected to a Restricted Membership for a period of two (2) years, commencing June 1, 2022. While the Restricted Membership is in place, the member company is not eligible to vote at meetings of members, participate at board meetings, use the CFAA logo, use the website for posting jobs, or take advantage of benefits or offers arranged by the CFAA for members.